Taiwan Biomedical Innovation Association

Catalyst for Innovative ideas in the Biomedical Ecosystem


  • Advancing Biomedical Sciences: We’re committed to building a collaborative space that fuels scientific breakthroughs, nurtures future leaders, and promotes transformative research.
  • Cultivating Collaboration and Growth: By uniting diverse talents across regions, generations, and disciplines, we aim to foster a community that values growth, innovation, and continuous learning.
  • Achieving Collective Excellence: Our goal is to create an environment where diverse ideas thrive, challenges are overcome collaboratively, and progress is shared, driving us toward common advancements in biomedical sciences.


TiBIA has established as a pivotal platform in the biomedical field, actively hosting and co-hosting a diverse array of events, from informal coffee chats and educational workshops to expansive networking opportunities. We provide essential information about how and when to engage with us, connecting you directly to the latest biomedical trends and career development opportunities.


1 Year of Membership:

  • Access to insights from KOL on biomedical reports
  • Discount or free entry for future events; priorities for any events if maximum capacity is reached
  • Networking events to cultivate connections with academic and industry professionals
    Join special interest groups for career discussions and domain-specific knowledge
  • Access to mentorship, seminars, and webinars for professional development
  • Complimentary one-time career or expertise consultation within the first 3 months of enrollment

Membership Types