[TIDxBioTReC 兩場演講]
Date: 3/10, 9am-12pm
Venue: 國家生技園區 C棟 C212會議室
現場參加報名連結: https://forms.gle/TnHsj2TcDMR1syah8
線上參加連結(免報名): https://asmeet.webex.com/asmeet/j.php?MTID=m9dd4bf54ebea79a731c12fcff656d460

9:10-10:30 “RNA Therapeutics for Unmet Medical Needs”
Speaker: Dr. Cheng Lai 賴正榮博士, Former VP of Pharmacology, Moderna
10:40-12:00 “Innovation in Drug Development and Registration”
Speaker: Dr. Heidi Wang 王慧君博士 VP, Oncology Head, Global Regulatory Sciences, BMS


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